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Broadbridge Primary School         Thursday 5th November 2020                              Note 8

Diary:                     Monday 23rd -Wednesday 25th November– Primary 1-7 Parent Teacher Meetings


Day Early Morning Club 8:00-8:45 a.m. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.  Club
Mon 9th Nov – Fri 13th Nov Spaces are now available for children in the Early Morning Club and 2:00-3:00 p.m. Club (P1 & P2 Pupils) Please contact the office to book a place.

As of Monday the 9th November parents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that our children, staff and community remain safe and the school remains open.

  • All adults entering the gates of the school premises should be wearing a mask.
  • Hands must be sanitised on arrival.
  • Please follow the walking system that has been in place since September.
  • No adults are permitted to enter any of the classrooms.
  • If you wish to speak to a teacher, please ring the school office.
  • Please do not congregate at the school gates when collecting children. Stand well back, keep a safe distance from others and wear a face mask.

“Parents/carers are at the heart of fighting the virus, and minimising any disruption to education, so your role in responsible action both at the school gates, and in ensuring that the whole family including children, abide by all the necessary health restrictions are the difference between success and failure. With your help we can all protect the future education and wellbeing of our children.”   Peter Weir


Parent/Teacher Meeting P1-P7  The Parent/Teacher meetings that were due to take place from Monday 26th October have now been rescheduled to take place the week beginning Monday 23rd November. Your child’s teacher will give you a time that the call will be made on the Monday/Tuesday. If that does not suit they will call you at a later time on the Wednesday evening. This year the meeting will take place by phone. Parents are allocated ten minutes to talk about their child, please be aware of others waiting to talk to the class teacher. A face to face meeting will only be available to parents that are required to sign educational documents. It is important that you talk to the class teacher this term.

School Library – This is a final call for any unreturned books- library books, class novels and text books! The school gave out a lot of books to children at short notice before the first lockdown. Thankfully, the vast majority have been returned. However, there are still quite a few that have not been returned. Please have a search this weekend and return any books belonging to the school. Thank you.

P1 Parents – Please check out the Literacy Video on Google Classroom if you haven’t already done so, it will give you an insight into the teaching of phonics and how your child will learn to read and write. This has been created as an alternative to the Phonics Night that we would normally do with Primary 1 parents.

Roots of Empathy – The school is looking for 3 families to participate in an adapted COVID Roots of Empathy Programme beginning in January 2021. Baby must be 5/6 months old at this stage. If you are interested, please contact Mrs Gillespie through the school office. If you do not wish to take part, please avoid Mrs Gillespie until February!!!!

Road of Hope – At this stage of the year we normally gather in items for the “Road of Hope” shoe box appeal. As this is not possible this year due to COVID restrictions the charity has asked if we could send forward the £2 transportation cost that was attached to each shoebox. They will use this to buy small presents for children and families in need. Please send any donations to the school office next week in an envelope marked “Road of Hope”. Thank you.

Physical Education – We are clearing the ‘Master’s Hall’,  therefore a full Physical Education Programme will commence on Monday. Please send in plimsolls/trainers that can remain in school for Physical Education. Plimsolls are the preferred footwear for years P1-P4

Flu Forms – Any outstanding flu forms need to be returned to the school tomorrow. Your child cannot be vaccinated if the form is not completed.

ParentPay – ParentPay will be introduced to the school over the coming weeks. This will remove the need to send any cash into school. Please read the Information Leaflet. Information on how to activate your account will be sent out early next week. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION LEAFLET.

The school Note – We have tried placing the school note online for the past number of weeks. Unfortunately, we are not reaching our target audience! Please tell us your preferred method of receiving the weekly note.


School Note preferred delivery.


Name: _____________ Child’s Name: ______________ Teacher: ______________________


By Email:  Please forward to my email address: _____________________________


Please send me out a paper copy.


I will access it online.

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