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Broadbridge Primary School                        Thursday 12th November 2020                                                   Note 9


Diary:         Monday 16th November is OdD SoCk DaY!

                  Monday 23rd-Wednesday 25th November – Primary 1-7 Parent Teacher Meetings


Day Early Morning Club 8:00-8:45 a.m. 2:00 – 3:00 Club
Mon 16th Nov – Fri 20th Nov Spaces are now available for children in the Early Morning Club and

2:00-3:00 p.m. Club (P1 & P2 Pupils). Please contact the office to book a place.


Extra-Curricular Activities


Day Activity Time & Venue Note
Fri 13th Nov Soccer P6 & P7 3:00-4:15        At School Be prepared for wet weather. Soccer players bring boots and trainers.
P6 Mr L P6 Mrs B P7 Mr M P7 Mrs G
Master’s Hall Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3
Thu 19th Nov Netball P6 3:00-4:15        At School Please pick up sharply after all activities.
Fri 20th Nov Soccer P6 & P7 3:00-4:15        At School
P6 Mrs B P7 Mr M P7 Mrs G P6 Mr L
Master’s Hall Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3


Parent/Teacher Meeting P1-P7  The Parent/Teacher meetings will take place the week beginning Monday 23rd November.  Your child’s teacher will give you a time that the call will be made on the Monday/Tuesday.  If that does not suit they will call you at a later time on the Wednesday evening. This year the meeting will take place by phone.  The phone number will be withheld. Parents are allocated ten minutes to talk about their child, please be aware of others waiting to talk to the class teacher.  A face to face meeting will only be available to parents that are required to sign educational documents. It is important that you talk to the class teacher this term.

Roots of Empathy – We have our baby quota for this year.  Thanks to the families who volunteered for this year’s programme.  It is now safe to push your pram past Mrs Gillespie once again!

Road of Hope – Thanks for all the donations towards the “Road of Hope” appeal. The money collected will be counted tomorrow and forwarded to the charity.

The school Note – Paper format has been sent out to those parents that have requested a paper format. If you have not returned your preferred method please forward to the school.  The note continues to be available on the school website and is also being emailed to parents. As a last resort for those that are still not receiving it, we have started training pigeons, please do not shoo them away!

Watches with Cameras! – Please do not send your child to school with any devices that have the capacity to photograph or video, they are strictly forbidden.

Physical Education reminder – A full Physical Education Programme has commenced.  Please send in plimsolls/trainers that can remain in school for Physical Education.  Plimsolls are the preferred footwear for years P1-P4.

Anti-Bullying week – This will run from 16th-20th November.  The theme this year is “United Against Bullying”.  Pupils will be doing various activities during the week in class on the topic.  To start off the week’s activities, Monday 16th November is OdD SoCk DaY!  Pupils are asked to wear to school odd socks or different tights from the norm to celebrate uniqueness!

Saint Vincent de Paul – The school will not be doing the annual collection of food for SVDP this year due to the risks that it would pose in transferring foodstuff from one household to another.  The Parish has also cancelled the annual Bazaar in December. Fr. Mc Dermott has said that the annual £1000 draw that normally takes place at the Bazaar will still take place.  He has asked that we all support this, all proceeds from the draw this year will go towards SVDP, helping those in need in our parish. If anyone is willing to sell a book of tickets (£3 a ticket or 4 for £10!!!) please contact the school office and we will send you out a book.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

ParentPay – You will receive an activation email for ParentPay in the coming days.  This letter will include your username and temporary password. Please login using these details and follow the system instructions to activate your account.  Please add to your email contact list to ensure that emails from ParentPay do not go to your Junk folder.  The school will be notified once this has been completed. We need all parents/guardians to activate their account for this to be successful.

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