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Broadbridge Primary School          Thursday 3rd December 2020          Note 12


Diary:          Friday 4th December – School Opened for All Pupils – No Longer a Holiday!

Friday 11th December – Official Christmas Jumper Day! Children may wear a Christmas Jumper to school.

Friday 11th December – Socially Distanced “Santa Letter Drop”.


Day Early Morning Club 8:00-8:45 a.m. 2:00-3:00 Club
Mon 7th Dec-Fri 11th Dec Spaces are now available for children in the Early Morning Club and

2:00-3:00 p.m. Club (P1 & P2 Pupils). Please contact the office to book a place.


Extra-Curricular Activities


Day Activity Time & Venue Note
Fri 4th Dec Soccer P6 P6 Mr Logue’s Class

Master’s Hall


At School

Indoor trainers must be worn.
Mon 7th Dec P6 Mrs Bradley’s Class Master’s Hall
Thu 10th Dec Netball P6 Please pick up sharply after all activities.


ParentPay – If you have not already done so, please activate your ParentPay account using the username and password in the letter sent home with your child/ren. If you cannot find this letter, please contact the office and a duplicate will be issued for you. Anyone who has not activated their account by tomorrow will be re-issued an activation letter to do so over the weekend. We appreciate your assistance with this matter. As detailed in previous school notes, it is imperative that ALL accounts are activated in order for this system to be successful. PLEASE NOTE, parents should ONLY be activating their account as the first step to getting the system up and running. Please DO NOT attempt to pay for any school activities eg school meals, football, netball, AM/PM clubs etc as the system is only ready at this stage for account activation and parents should continue to send cash as payment to school until further notice. Any money loaded onto the system is not available to pay for anything at this point, therefore your balance has not been deducted, the school office is unable to see your current balance.


  • COVID-19 Update Parents are reminded that the school must be contacted if there is a positive case in your household. Please ring 7181 0520 or email stating your child/ren’s class and a brief outline of the case.
  • Adults are reminded that they must maintain a social distance at the gates of the school. We would encourage the use of masks at these points due to the large gatherings at any one time!

Watches at School! – Parents are reminded that the only watches that children are permitted to wear to school are those that tell the time. Watches that can receive telephone calls/messages and can take photographs are not permitted in school. Our mobile phone and E-safety policy has been updated on this matter.


Santa Stroll – The Santa Stroll continues until the 18th December. Children have until this date to do 15 walks. This will entitle them to enter the draw for prizes. Keep at it children!


Religious Ceremonies – The Confirmation date for Broadbridge School has been provisionally booked for Thursday 11th February at 6:00 p.m. First Communion has been provisionally set for Saturday 24th April at 10:00 a.m.


PE Shoes for School – Please make sure that your child has a pair of PE shoes left at school.


Saint Vincent de Paul – Please return all tickets sold/unsold to the school ASAP. We have had a fantastic response so far from all the families in the school. The organisation has been in contact with the school and wishes to thank everyone for the response to date.


Drop off your letter to Santa! – Put the date in your calendar. The Parents & Friends’ Association of Broadbridge Primary School will be hosting a socially distanced “Santa Letter Drop” on Friday 11th December from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Children are invited to come along and drop their Christmas Letter into Santa’s Post-box. This will be a socially distanced event!


Eglinton Eyecare – Santa’s helpers in Eglinton Eyecare have agreed to help him to create a little Christmas magic by sending letters and gift packs to the great boys and girls on his Nice List during December. All funds raised will go to Tiny Life to support families who have a premature or sick baby in a neonatal intensive care unit within Northern Ireland. Contact Eglinton Eyecare for further information or Visit to book these very special letters.

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