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Broadbridge Primary School                        Thursday 30th September 2021                                                   Note 4

Diary:  16th-24th October Mathematics Week at School

School Provision Club Cost
Mon 4th Oct –

Fri 8th Oct

Morning Club – 8:00-8:45 (£1 PER CHILD)
2-3 PM Club – 2:00-3:00 (£2 PER CHILD)
Afterschool Club – 3:00-5:00 (£5 PER CHILD)

Please note:  All clubs must be booked in advance on the ParentPay App.  The closing time for the 3:00-5:00 club is STRICTLY 5.00 P.M.  Children must be collected before this time.  If you feel that this cannot be managed or it will be at a rush, we would advise that you make alternative arrangements for after school care.


The Afterschool Club 3:00–5:00 will no longer run after Friday 8th October 2021.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Day Activity Time & Venue Note
Monday 4th Cross-Country P5, 6, 7 3:00-4:15      At School Be prepared for wet weather.  Cross-Country, Gaelic & Soccer players bring boots/shin pads and trainers.



Please pick up sharply after all activities.

Wednesday 6th Skill School P1 & P2 2:00-3:00       At School
Skill School P3 & P4 3:00-4:15       At School
Thursday 7th Netball P6, 7 3:00-4:15       At School
Gaelic P5, 6, 7
Friday 8th Soccer P5, 6, 7 3:00-4:15       At School

Children doing Extra-Curricular activities outside must have a change of footwear in case the venue changes due to weather conditions.

All activities MUST be pre-booked on the ParentPay App with the exception of Skill School.


COVID in School – If your child displays symptoms of COVID, the guidance remains the same, keep them at home and book a PCR test.


Reporting Sickness – If your child is absent from school due to any illness please contact the school office before the start of the school day.  The school office is open from 8:45 a.m. onwards.  If you wish to contact us before this time please send an email to stating your child’s name, class teacher and reason for absence.  If the absence is COVID related it must be stated in the email for attendance purposes.  If a child is absent for PCR testing, we would ask that an email of the test result is forwarded to the school at your earliest convenience.  Thank you.


Bike/Scoot/Walk to School Week – Congratulations to all the children who participated in walk, cycle , scoot to school week.  We noticed a large decrease in traffic outside the school gates.  No doubt the activity leads to a healthier lifestyle for our pupils and contributes to a much greener environment.  The class winners will be announced next week!


Peanuts in school – We have a number of pupils who have severe peanut allergies.  Please do not send peanuts to school in your child’s lunchbox or products that contain traces of peanuts.  Thank you.


NESSY – Pupils that have been signed up to the NESSY Programme must come in early on the mornings that they are scheduled for the computer suite.  The NESSY Programme is a two-way partnership between the school and home.  To maximise success children must spend time engaging in the activities at home.  If any children are experiencing difficulties at home logging in, please contact the class teacher.


Change of footwear – If possible please send in a pair of trainers that may be changed into for playing outside or PE purposes.

Parent/Teacher Meeting P2-P6 – Parent/Teacher meetings will take place from Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th October.  This year the meeting will take place by phone.  Your child’s teacher will give you a time that the call will be made on the Monday/Tuesday.  If that does not suit they will call you at a later time on the Wednesday evening.  A face to face meeting will only be available to parents that are required to sign educational documents.

Changing for afterschool activities – Children must come to school in a school uniform each day.  A change of clothing may be sent in for PE and after school activities.  Younger pupils may wish to wear shorts under their school trousers/skirt.  They do not need to change out of their red polo t-shirt.


Google Classroom – Please make sure you are able to access the Google Classroom assigned to your child. If at any stage your child’s class is asked to self-isolate school work will be sent using this platform. Teachers will use this as their main platform in communicating with parents. A separate note has been sent home with every child today with passwords and usernames for the various Apps they use in school, the Google Classroom code is on this note.


The Life Project! – Pupils have been tasked with collecting acorns over the weekend as part of The Life Project run by Derry City & Strabane Council. Pupils will collect the acorns, which will be planted out in beds. When they grow into small saplings they will be gifted to citizens who register a Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Partnership in the Registrar’s Office

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