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Broadbridge Primary School            Thursday 25th March 2021                        Note 21


Diary:  Easter Holidays – School will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 31st March.  The school will be closed from    1st April to 9th April. Both days inclusive.

  • COVID-19 Update Parents are reminded that the school must be contacted if there is a positive case in your household. Please ring 7181 0520 or email stating your child/ren’s class and a brief outline of the case.
  • Adults are reminded that they must maintain a social distance at the gates of the school. We would encourage the use of masks at these points due to the large gatherings at any one time!


Easter Holidays – Classes will be dismissed at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 31st March, school will reopen on Monday 12th April. Some parents may wish to park cars over the other side of the bridge.  Be careful where you park and do not block access to nearby houses.


Spring Stroll – Parents are encouraged to walk/cycle to school on Wednesday of next week. Wear a ‘spring bonnet’ and receive free tickets for the Easter raffle.


Mr Logue’s Draw – Mr Logue’s Easter Draw for charity will take place on Wednesday 31st March.  Tickets 25p each or 5 for £1. This year’s benefactor will be Trócaire via the parish collection.


No-Uniform Day – Wednesday 31st March will be a no uniform day at the school. Pupils are asked to contribute £1 towards Trócaire for this. In return they will receive 5 tickets towards Mr. Logue’s Easter raffle.


Returning Books – We still have a lot of unreturned books that went out on loan during lockdown. Please return all books before Tuesday of next week.


School Library Books – All school library books must be returned to school before Tuesday of next week.


Yellow Jackets – All yellow jackets that have been given out to pupils from the school, should be kept in the child’s school bag or at school if they do not walk on a daily basis. The jackets are frequently used when the need arises to leave the school premises on trips and walks.


Big Pedal – Get ready for the Big Pedal week beginning Monday 19th April – 30th April. Plenty of notice to get the flat tyres fixed, chains oiled and ready to pedal!


Grandparents’ Day –Our P2 pupils and teachers have put together a short video to share as a celebration of Grandparents’ day. Check out our Facebook page and website to hear the children sing and voicing their opinions on how absolutely wonderful our Grandparents are!


Children leaving school early – All pupils that are being taken out of school early must be signed out at the school office. A child leaving school early should only be doing so for a valid reason e.g. a medical appointment. We would ask that parents do not remove children from school as a matter of convenience for themselves.


Walk to school – We would encourage pupils that are old enough to walk to and from school to do so on a daily basis. Children should cross at William and then use the Zebra crossing at the Spar to remain safe.


Thank you – Thanks to Mrs Sinead Marlow (Speech & Language Therapist) for providing us with information for this month’s SEN newsletter looking at Developmental Language Disorder. This is available in your child’s Google Classroom today.


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