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Broadbridge Primary School                        Thursday 10th September 2020                                                   Note 2

School Provision

Day Early Morning Club 8:00-8:45 a.m. 2:00 – 3:00 Club
Mon 14th Sept-Fri 18th Sept Spaces are now available for children in the Early Morning Club and      2:00-3:00 Club (P1 & P2 Pupils). Please contact the office to book a place.


COVID- 19 – A letter from the Chief Medical Officer and an Information Leaflet for Parents & Carers is attached regarding COVID -19. If your child is displaying COVID- 19 symptoms: A High Temperature or A New Continuous Cough or A Loss or Change to their sense of smell or taste, then you need to book a test. Please contact the school to say that your child is being tested and forward the test results once obtained. If, however, they are displaying other cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, they DO NOT NEED TESTED, they do not need to self-isolate and they can attend school if fit to do so. At school if your child starts to display any of the above symptoms, we will monitor them, which will include taking their temperature. We will always ask your child for permission to take their temperature and we will contact you to discuss the outcome. Please contact the school if you have any objections to the school taking your child’s temperature.


If a child tests positive within the school, we have to make contact with parents immediately to inform them of the measures that will be put in place by the school as advised by the Public Health Agency. Therefore, we would ask that the school has an up to date contact mobile number and an email address. Please forward this to stating your child’s name and class.


Google Classroom – Please make sure you are able to access the Google Classroom assigned to your child. If at any stage your child’s class is asked to self-isolate school work will be sent using this platform.


School Dinners – School Dinners will be available to all pupils as of Monday 14th September. Please pay for your dinner at the beginning of the week. For those paying for school dinner the price is £2.60 per day, £13.00 for the week. A copy of the new menu is attached.

Spare Change of Clothing – Primary 3 teachers have requested that Primary 3 pupils bring in a change of clothing (trousers, t-shirt, underwear and socks). Please place in a plastic bag with your child’s name, this will remain in school.

Change of Shoes – Please send in a change of footwear for children to change into at break time and lunch time preferably an old pair that they can leave at school. Pupils should be wearing black shoes at all other times.

Label Clothing – All clothing should be labelled clearly before your child wears the garments to school. Each year we are left with a ‘mountain’ of lost property that has went unclaimed. If all items are labelled clearly they can be quickly returned to their rightful owner.

Cycling/Walking to school – Well done to all pupils that cycle/walk on a daily basis. Children are reminded that they must stay on the footpaths at all times and only cross the road where it is safe to do so. Cyclists please wear a helmet, alert pedestrians that you are approaching and keep your two hands on the handle bars!!!!

Planned Giving – Thank you to those families that completed a ‘Planned Giving’ form for the school this week. Your contribution to ‘added extras’ is greatly appreciated. If you plan on completing this form, please do so and leave at the front office. If you have misplaced this form contact the school office and we will send out a replacement. Every £1 donated to the school is worth £1.25 as the school can claim back paid tax.

First Communion – Good luck to all the Primary 5 pupils that are making their First Communion on Saturday 12th September. Photographs will be taken outside before each ceremony Only parents/guardians and siblings may attend. The children have received a more detailed note.

Time Class
10:00 a.m. Miss Doherty’s/Mr Mc Closkey’s
11:30 a.m. Miss Cusack’s/Mrs Henry’s
1:00 p.m. Mrs Bradley’s/Mrs Mc Elhinney’s
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