Miss Doherty’s Retirement

Miss Doherty has retired from teaching after 42 years’ incredible service to our parish.

She spent the first 5 years of her teaching career in Craigbrack Primary School chool before moving to Broadbridge Primary School in 1984 where she has remained for the past 37 years! In 1992 Miss Doherty was appointed Vice-Principal of our school, a postion she held until her retirement at the end of August, just three days ago.

Miss Doherty’s dedication to the job and commitment to the education of the children in the parish was clearly evident in her daily routine at our school.

All who have taught with Miss Doherty will agree that she was meticulous in her planning and preparation of her teaching day.

When it came to teaching mathematics she was second to none.

At the heart of everything that Miss Doherty did was the well-being of the children within the school and within our wider parish community. There are countless children that Miss Doherty has put in hours and hours of extra work during the early mornings, afternoons and indeed during the school holidays to ensure that the children attained a suitable level of education. She would not accept payment or gifts for this extra work simply because she regarded teaching as her vocation in life.

While Miss Doherty has officially worked for forty two years, such was her dedication to the profession that she has probably worked the equivalent of eighty four years!

She requested a quiet send-off, but in typically generous fashion, Miss Doherty marked the occasion herself by buying everyone in the school an ice-cream earlier today.  She will be greatly missed in the school community by staff, pupils and parents.

We wish Miss Doherty many happy years in her retirement- it really is a well-deserved break!

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