This Week’s Newsletter

Broadbridge Primary School                      Thursday 23rd June 2022                                            Note 34

Diary:     Monday 27th June – Leavers’ Mass at 11:15 a.m. in the Master’s Hall

Thursday 30th June – School closes 12 noon – please ensure your child knows how they are getting home.

School Provision Club Cost
Mon 27th June –

Wednesday 29th June

Morning Club – 8:00-8:45 a.m. (£1 PER CHILD)
2-3 PM Club – 2:00-3:00 p.m. (£2 PER CHILD)

There will be no 2-3 Club on Thursday 30th June.


All school led afterschool activities are finished for this school year.  Thank you very much to all the children who participated in the activities throughout the year and to the staff who coached them.


Day Activity Time & Venue Note
Wednesday 29th June Skill School P1 & P2 2:00-3:00        At School Please be prepared for wet weather.
Skill School P3 & P4 3:00-4:15        At School

COVID in School – If your child displays symptoms of COVID, keep them at home and do a Lateral Flow test.  If your child is tested for COVID, please forward a copy of the result of the PCR/Lateral Flow test to the school office.  If a positive result is returned, please contact the school office for further guidance.  If a child tests positive in any class, an email will be sent out to the parents/guardians of pupils in that class.  The guidance has changed; you DO NOT keep your child off school (unless your child has tested positive!), an updated information email will be sent out if there is a positive case in your child’s class.


Leavers’ Mass – Primary 7 Leaver’s Mass will take place on Monday 27th June at 11:15 a.m. in the Master’s Hall, everyone is welcome!  Primary 7 pupils will be asked the expected numbers closer to the date.  Refreshments will be served after the Mass in the Master’s Hall.


Sports Day – Sports Day is scheduled to take place tomorrow Friday 24th June at 10:30 a.m.  This day will go ahead weather permitting, parents are invited to attend but are under no obligation to do so.  Children do not wear their uniform tomorrow but please ensure they dress for the weather and wear suitable clothes and footwear.  Canteen facilities will run as normal.


School Books – Please return all school and library books before the end of term.  This is extremely important as they are needed for next year’s classes.


School Football Kit – We have quite a few pieces of the school kit missing and would appreciate it if they could be returned before the end of next week.  We appreciate that your child may have their own kit, but our shorts have the school crest on them to the front.  Our football tops do not have any numbers on the back but all the children’s tops have and are also initialled.  We would ask that these are checked for and returned as soon as possible.  Thank you.


N.I. Primary Netball Finals – Well done to the girls who travelled to Lisburn last Saturday for the N.I. Primary Netball finals.  It was a fantastic experience for the girls and the school is very proud of them.  They were unlucky on the day but still went home with a smile on their face.  Thanks to all the families who travelled up to support the girls and a massive thank you to the coaches.  There is so much time and effort given to training the girls and it was a real achievement to get as far as they did.  Well done everyone!


Roots of Empathy Baby Celebration – We are having a special assembly tomorrow morning to thank the families who participated in the Roots of Empathy programme.  Our three P4 classes were fortunate to have experienced the programme this year which is now fully embedded in our school.  We need three more volunteer families for next year.  Their baby has to be born between June and September 2022 to participate in this programme.  Please contact the school office for more information if you are interested.


School Show Recording – The edits are completed and the final versions of the school show are ready to purchase on a protected USB pen at the cost of £5 each.  Orders and payment will be taken via ParentPay and will be distributed before the end of term.  When ordering please ensure that you have selected the appropriate cast i.e. the recording or Cast A or the recording for Cast B.  There are a limited number available and will be sold on a first come basis.


ParentPay – Please ensure that all payments for outstanding items on the ParentPay system are made before the end of the school year so that the year 2021-22 can be closed off.


P7 Gortatole Residential Trip – Well done to all the P7 children who went to Gortatole this week.  They were extremely well behaved, mannerly and cooperative.  They took part enthusiastically in all the activities and showed great team work.  We hope they have made memories that will last a life time and enjoyed their final trip away with Broadbridge P.S.  We wish them all the best as they transition into their new schools.