Walk for Ukraine in partnership with ‘Eglinton Trails’


Broadbridge Primary School in partnership with ‘Eglinton Trails.’

On Saturday 2nd April from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Broadbridge Primary School are teaming up with Eglinton Trails to ‘Walk for Ukraine’.  We are hoping that each class in the school will complete a marathon in support of the people of Ukraine.  A planned loop of the village has been marked out on a 1.25-mile course.  Each family signing up would try to complete 3 loops in their one hour allocated slot before passing on the class banner to the next family.

A form has been sent out with your child, if you wish to take part in the class event, please complete and return the form tomorrow, putting in your preferred time to the class teacher.  We will then forward you a time and a small sponsorship form to raise money towards the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Alternatively, you may wish to come along and do a lap or two whenever it suits.  The lap starts and finishes at Eglinton School.

Thank you in anticipation.

The Staff of Broadbridge Primary School