This Week’s Newsletter

Broadbridge Primary School                                                        Thursday 16th May 2024                                     Note 34

School Diary:   Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd May School Show in the Master’s Hall.

School Holidays – Monday 27th May–Friday 31st May (Both days inclusive)


School Provision Club Cost
Mon 20th May

Fri 24thMay

Morning Club – 8:00-8:45 (£1 PER CHILD)
2-3PM Club – 2:00-3:00 (£2 PER CHILD)
Afterschool Club – 3:00-4:15 (£3 PER CHILD)


There is No Afterschool Club on Friday 24th May 3:00 -4:15 p.m. All pupils must be picked up at 3:00 p.m.

Please note:  There will be no school based extra- curricular activities over the coming weeks.


Primary 1 Admissions – The final Primary 1 induction day is Tuesday 4th June 2:15-3:00 p.m.  All new admission pupils are encouraged to attend.  Please ensure that you have returned all necessary forms to the school office.  Please be mindful of extra traffic on these days.  There is no session on Tuesday 21st May.


Industrial Action – Due to Industrial Action by three of the main non-teaching unions (UNITE the union, GMB and NIPSA) there will be no canteen facilities Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st May nor bus (Paschal’s Bus) available at the school on Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd May.  All children must bring a packed lunch to school.  At present the department has not indicated if pupils in receipt of Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch.  If this changes families will be notified.


Dress Rehearsals – The dress rehearsal for Cast A was today Thursday 16th May at 9:30 a.m. and tomorrow Friday 17th May at 9:30 a.m. for Cast B.  There is no need to purchase tickets for the dress rehearsals as these performances are free to view.  We would encourage parents who would like pre-school children to see the show to bring them along at these times as they will not be able to attend any of the evening performances.


Please note: Children from other primary schools may attend the evening performances, we would ask that no children from pre-school attend the evening performances, they may attend the dress rehearsals free of charge.  Children from Broadbridge Primary School are NOT allowed at the evening performances, they will see the show on the dress rehearsal days.


School Closure – The school will be closed for the May Break for all pupils and staff from Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May (Both days inclusive).  Children may be picked up from school from 12:00 Noon on Friday 24th May.  We fully appreciate that this may not suit everyone.  Therefore, parents that wish to leave their children until 3:00 p.m. that day may do so.  There will be no afterschool club on Friday 24th May.  Children attending canteen for lunch on Friday 24th May must prebook on the ParentPay App.  A note to confirm your intentions has been sent home today.  Please complete and return to school tomorrow to enable us to plan for canteen and supervision.  Thank you.


School Show 2024

‘Pinocchio and Friends’………

Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd May at 7:30 p.m. in our Master’s Hall

Tickets for School Show

  • Tickets for ‘Pinocchio and Friends’ are ready for collection at the school office. Please collect tickets as soon as possible and before noon on Monday 20th  We have 3 nights sold out with a waiting list created for these nights.  More information on school show nights follows in this note.


Cast Performances

  • Cast A perform on Monday 20th May and Wednesday 22nd May and Cast B on Tuesday 21st May and Thursday 23rd May.



  • Your child will need to be dropped off at school on the nights they are performing wearing their costume and any make up they need.
  • Drop off will be at 6:50 p.m. at the drop off zone.
  • A voluntary contribution is asked for those children who are not purchasing their own costume to help cover school costs. A suggested £5 per child and £10 maximum per family.  This can be paid through the ParentPay app.



  • As you are aware parking is a major issue in our school. We are hoping for a dry spell of weather so that the football pitch opposite the school could be used for parking.  It has one access point so once your car is parked in the pitch it will have to remain there until after the show is finished.
  • There will be available parking at the other side of the ‘Blue Bridge’. It is a two minute walk to the school from there and will ensure that you can exit quickly.
  • If you are dropping your child off and not watching the performance that night, please use the drop off zone inside the school to leave your child off at 6:50 p.m.
  • There will be no parking on the main Coolafinney Road. This will be a no parking zone for the duration of the show.
  • Staff will park at the back of the school to free up the front carpark for those that need to park near the school. Alternatively, you may wish to drop off at the school and then park up on the pitch.
  • Please remember to be considerate to other road users and very mindful that there will be a lot of excited children around the school at drop off and at the end of the night. Please drive carefully!


On the Night

  • On the night that you are watching the show your child will be looked after by the staff in the school. You can sit back, enjoy the full show and collect your child at the end.  They will be given a supper of toast and juice.  (If you wish to provide an alternative supper, please send this in with your child.)
  • Please do not leave your seat during the performance as this can be very distracting for the children on stage. Also, it is disheartening for them to look out and see empty seats so please do stay for the full show, I promise you will not be disappointed.
  • If you are not watching the performance your child’s class teacher will let you know the time your child will be finished on stage, and you can collect them thereafter. Please inform the class teacher of your intention to do so and children will be waiting for you in the small hall.


                                                                 Pick-up Times – As a Rough guide

Primary Ready for Collection
1 7:50 p.m.
2 8:30 p.m.
3 9:00 p.m.
4 9:15 p.m.
5/6/7 9:30 p.m.


  • Please Park over the bridge and walk to the front office to collect your child to reduce any vehicle noise which will be picked up on the video during the show recording.


We are really happy to give the children the opportunity to perform in the show this year.  It is such an important part of our school tradition and the joy, confidence and happiness it gives the children cannot be measured.  It will be great to welcome you all into the school and give our children a full, holistic, educational experience that they will never forget.  The fact that every child has a part to play develops their sense of community.  Therefore, please ensure your child attends their performance.


Thank you,


‘Staff of Broadbridge Primary School’