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A message from Miss Doherty


I wish to convey my sincere thanks to all those who marked my retirement with good wishes via spoken words, written words, sent gifts and who gave monetary gifts to charities on my behalf.

In August I requested Father Patsy Mullan (who has since passed) to offer Masses for the following groups associated with Broadbridge Primary School since its inception.


  1. Present and past pupils.
  2. Present and past parents.
  3. Present and past staff.
  4. Present and past priests.
  5. Deceased pupils, staff, parents and priests.


Our late father Mullan duly carried out my request, informing me in a phone call. I would also like to express thanks to Father Mc Dermott for celebrating a Thanksgiving Mass for my career in the Master’s Hall on Friday 27th August 2021.

It was a deep regret of mine that our pupils could not participate in this joyful occasion because of COVID. To mark my retirement a donation will be made by me for the education of children in Syria on behalf of our school.

Thank you all once again, God bless and please take care.


Miss D Doherty

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