Online Safety Christmas 2022

Please read the following letter from the PSNI regarding online safety.


Online Safety – Christmas 2022

Many children and young people will receive new devices and computer games for Christmas, but
we’re asking parents, do you know what your child is doing online or most importantly, who they
are talking to?
For some children, it will be the first time they’ve owned a device that connects them to the online
world. Even for older children, a new device means new corners of the digital landscape to explore
– and unfortunately, new risks to be aware of.
Along with our partners at the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland, we have put together some
key tips on how to make sure children enjoy the internet safely.
These tips include; checking the privacy, location and parental controls on devices that the child
uses, checking the direct messages and chat functions on apps, using parental controls and having
open conversations with their child about what they are doing online.
Parents and carers can access the Safeguarding Board NI App for online safety information and
Practical tips and advice have been published on the Police Service’s website here:

Many thanks,
Kerry Brennan
Detective Chief Inspector | Public Protection Branch | Northern Trust, CSE & HCAT
Community Safety Department