Big Walk and Wheel

Big Walk and Wheel!!! – Well done to everyone who has participated in the walk to school this week.  Last week’s winners were Foundation Stage – Miss Wade (We actually believe she recorded children that can walk in her class and not those that walked!!!!); Key Stage 1 – Miss Maguire and Key Stage 2 – Mrs Gillespie.  Congratulations to the winning classes.  We will give you this week’s winners in the note next week along with the overall winners.


We would encourage parents to talk to their children about continuing this healthy practice on a daily basis.  It is the correct start to any day, to get some fresh air and exercise on the way to school.  Children particularly in Key Stage 2 should be encouraged to walk on a daily basis regardless of the weather, the walk from Eglinton Play Park to the school has been timed as a maximum 10-minute walk.